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Amp Up Your Productivity By Decorating Your Work Station

What’s on your desk? A question that can change the way you look at your 9 to 5 work station. It just the place where you sit down and work but do you realize that you are spending so much time on it;

What’s on your desk? A question that can change the way you look at your 9 to 5 work station. It is just the place where you sit down and work but do you realize that you are spending so much time on it; your desk is an intrinsic part of your day to day life. Most of us fail to recognize the fact that this place can affect our productivity and an ergonomic workspace is what we need to ace the corporate ladder. An organized desk can help you think pragmatically and diligently complete the assigned tasks, while never falling short of creativity.

Call centers are one amongst the most dynamic commercial spaces where employees spend hours in a row on their work station. If you work in one then you should consider customizing your desk with ergonomic elements as well as some cheerful décor elements. It shouldn’t look like the monotonous place, where you wouldn’t get any good vibes; your work station should make you feel comfortable and optimistic enough to perform to the best of your ability. Following are a few elements that every agent working in a call center should add to his desk:

·         A lot of people put photographs of their loved ones on their desk and it sure is a great way to maintain positivity around you. When you accidentally look at the picture of a loved one while working, you tend to feel good and the stress level goes down. So, put your dog’s adorable face or your SO’s gorgeous smile on your desk and just freeze a piece of memorable time right where you hustle the most in life. This will make a difference and you wouldn’t ever want to remove these pictures.


·         Some indoor plants like this tiny vintage bucket of succulents can add the right amount of greenery to your workspace. Small indoor plant pots do not take a lot of space and are low maintenance. So, buy one or more to decorate your desk and feel some freshness in the chaotic environment of places like retail call centers.

·         Apart from decorating the place with succulents and personal photographs, it is essential to make your work station ergonomic. A desk that is comfortable to work on with a cozy chair along and a monitor that is elevated to match your eye contact level can do a world of good to your productivity levels.

·         Lastly, if possible choose a spot in your office close to a window that can be opened occasionally to let some fresh air and sunlight seep in. Since you hardly have time to go out and feel refreshed, it would be helpful to get a spot near a window.

These are just a few changes to make your work station look and feel good but by implementing them you sure will be able to feel more energetic and positive at the workplace, which is crucial to stay productive and work your way up to success in your operational domain.

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