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What are the benefits of the cloud based field service management?
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What are the benefits of the cloud based field service management?
Management of service technicians while in the field has been one of the hardest things for the business managers and supervisors in the past few decades.

However, monitoring and controlling the field operations while still in the office has become easier, thanks to the field service management (FSM) software. The software is a cloud-based system that allows scheduling, monitoring, tracking, and management of the technicians’ progress during service delivery. The use of the software is increasing at an alarming rate with service companies adopting it to advance their business options, increase their revenues, and reduce their operational costs.

The increased use of the software will see FSM hit an estimated value of $3.52 billion by 2019, with more small businesses converting to paperless systems. The complexity in the management of customer’s demands and the logistics of running a team of workers manually is time-consuming to all parties and costly in terms of the workforce and resources required. Below are reasons why you should consider using service management software:

1) Efficiency in the Management of Customers

FSM software allows real-time delivery of data and communication between the field technicians and the managers in the office. This permits the staff at the office to predict the exact time a technician will be arriving at the customer’s location for service delivery. The tracking capabilities also help in calculating the proximity between the location of their agents in the field and their clients. This has aided in timely delivery of information and maintaining more loyal customers. The ability to integrate cloud management system with CRM systems allows you to learn more details about your clients, their shopping patterns, and preferences to improve your service delivery.

2) Improvement in Communication among Workers and Different Departments

Communication is one of the most important aspects parts of running a business effectively. FSM software allows delivery of the real time updates on the progress of the job, which may in turn help with routing and optimization of work. Additionally, the real-time updates between the dispatcher and the field workers ensure that everyone is on the same page. That, not only increases the productivity of employees, but also boosts the customer satisfaction.

3) It allows Remote and Real-Time Monitoring

Cloud has allowed easy monitoring and management of the tasks of the field technicians to ensure they are at the right place, at the expected time, and with the right materials. This is contrary to the old methods where the managers had to wait until the end of the day before receiving the reports on the progress of their workers. The ability to access the cloud management software allows the technicians easy access to information instantly.

4) Integration of Critical Information in One Location

Cloud management software allows integration of different back-office systems such as billing, human resource, inventory, and accounting, among others. This allows easy storage and retrieval of data by anyone who needs it at any time from any internet-enabled device. It is simpler to enter data from any gadget, which automatically transfers to your office so you do not have to worry about data loss or damage.

5) It allows Easy Scheduling of Work

Scheduling of workers, especially in big corporations can be quite challenging when dealing with many workers. Service management software helps in the allocation of duties to employees and the changes will reflect directly on schedules and work orders.


Therefore, FSM software is one of the important tools that every service business owner should consider in their companies. It helps in relieving most performance related costs like hiring additional workers and transportation costs. Timely delivery of services is also essential in boosting customer relationships and increasing revenues.

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Fieldtasks is a subscription based software suite for field technician businesses. Manage your full operations with clicks of buttons including enquiries, orders, jobs, scheduling, invoicing.