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Why your eBay Listings Seem To Change Up Or Down In the Search Results?
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Why your eBay Listings Seem To Change Up Or Down In the Search Results?
Our standard search is usually your best starting point for finding what you need and has a range of filters to up or down your results.

Fine, we have organized some study and examined our conclusions from over a million+ of eBay search effects.

This is a bulleted slope of how we trust the algorithm works and what you can do to grow additional traffic flow to your listings.

How eBay’s Greatest Contest Works (Step by Step)

To realize how eBay functions and ranks best listings, let’s go on a ride through the eBay’s search form.

Shopper Intention: A shopper visits eBay wanting to buy a “26 Inch Blue Widget for eBay customers”

The Search Bar: The shopper goes to the eBay search bar and writes as a “Widget”. This is an appealing basic term. eBay isn’t to a certain extent what kind of widget you need so it has to mark a wild guess.

Best Match: This is when Best Competition starts to boost in and assists the user a list of prospective things.

Probability: The listings given away are not random. There is a possibility to what displays and when. It is your aim as a merchant to understand how to grow your prospect of presentation up for the “Widget” keyword. Then you had “Widget” in your product’s Title, your listing is presented in the results. It could be placed 32,585th but it will be displayed.

New Listings: If you added new products into the listing, it will have a higher possibility of display up at the best. Your listing will be “verified” against other top sales listings for the moment to understand if your listing can participate. If it can’t and the shopper doesn’t hit it off your listing, your product listing will then be moved down the places until it touches a new suitable area of race.

Keyword Stuffing for Views: The shopper realizes a lot of listings examining for just “Widget” and resolves to change their keyword to “Blue Widget”. Now their effects are getting a little closer to what they need. To improve your possibility of displaying up you could stuff your title, description, categories and item essentials with comparative keywords that you identify your shopper is seeing for. This will improve the number of visits you get initially. However, there are more significant data than the view calculation.

Engagement: eBay is tracing what listings consumers are hit it on, how time-consuming they are on the listing, and whether persons are purchasing items from the listing. This is well-known as engagement. Engagement is far more essential than visits. You could products keywords with all your listings and rise your visits 10X but this is a very ruthless tactic. If somebody is searching for a product and your product displays up but is not significant, the purchaser will not involve with your listing. They will leave your listing and go back for a more significant listing. This suffering you’re ranking because you’re suspending the purchaser from locating what it is that they need. You have a high visits count but a low click-through rate or a low display to buying ratio.

Relevancy: Your efforts at keyword stuffing essential to be appropriate. Do not increase keywords just to fill the 80 character boundary in your title. Only improve keywords that would attract a customer to the correct product. In some cases, a smaller relevant exact keywords competition will generate much more engagement than a stuffed title with generic category keywords. And by liability this you will be ranked upper for those keywords matches. You may be getting less total visits but your ranked are improved on eBay for more significant keywords that lead to more deals.

Keyword Location: So you supposed to out of the excellent keywords phrase? Where do you place it? eBay is observing the Title, Description, Item Specific & Store Category. If possible make sure your excellent keyword is in all or most of these.

Store Category: eBay permits each user to have up to 300 plus custom store categories. Take advantage of this. Many vendors do proceed the time to put very much appropriate keywords in their custom store categories. This is a massive knock in “keyword juice” to your listings. Use them. You can improve an item with two custom store categories.

Item Specifics: When a customer searches for “Widget”, they may be offered with filters on the left-hand to narrow depressed their effects. They may understand color selections and size preferences. If your listing does not identify these choices in your “item Specifics” then you will only active confirmation under “Other” or “Not specified”. Purchasers usually do not express in these units. You will miss out on deals so add as many item information’s as you can and make definite they are important and accurate to improve engagement.

Variations: If you retail green, red, white, and blue widgets, do NOT post 4 altered listings. You will become advanced rankings if you post any listing that has a select box with the 4 variations.

Photos: If you simply have one image, add extra images. You will build advanced positions AND more transactions with more images. Take & check what your competition is using for images. Is it an image outer in accomplishment or is it an image with a specific color background. Each category is altered and will need a different type of image. The image supports to get you better engagement and it will reason users to click through to your listing further often. Use REMARKABLE Images!

Rate: Rate is not as essential as you think. If all the items directly above our highest score and your listing are accomplishment clicks and sales, the rate is the latter thing eBay is observing it. Many shoppers might be viewing at the rate but many shoppers would slightly pay 10 more dollars purchasing from an attractive listing than shopping from an eye-catching listing that’s on sale.

Design: eBay doesn’t overhaul what your template express like but a creative looking template will improve engagement and trades. A great viewing template gets trust and belief hints to transactions.

Video: If you can generate or find a video of your items to display in your listing this will improve the stage the shopper spends time on your listing. This improves engagement. It also advises the shopper of the product information’s which can growth total trades.


Summary of the eBay Search Algorithm

If you take everything out of this object, think of that “engagement” is 100x more essential than page visits. In demand to participate and improve your listing positions in the eBay algorithm, you want to improve your click-through rates, rise the time consumed on your listing pages, decrease your bounce rates (buyer exit your listing page), and improve your views to buying ratio (less generic visits + more buying). More listing page visits were the game before 5-10 year. The game now is “relevancy” & “engagement”.

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