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Had done lot of shopping? but don't know how to manage? Check out My stuff Organizer!
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Shopping is a common hobby, just a few days back, you had shopped a lot. Then, how to keep a track of all the objects? Items you already have, some of which you might want later for planning to buy.

When anyone questions like these: Do you have it? When we bought this? Is it still in warranty?


You’re null. Well most of us are forgetting the date, warranty time, price and even the product after some time. Aren’t you?

Managing stuff in memory itself or written in somewhere else is such an obsolete and temporary methods, My Stuff Organizer is done the same thing for you and keep your mind in relax mode. Just save all things with photo and keep with you ever.

To arrange properly all your unorganized stuff, google play gives you so many choices but the one we are currently discussing is My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management.

It is a completely free and easily downloadable Android app. Let’s have a brief look at it:

How to use this handy app:

✍  Click the ‘+’ button to add your stuff,

✍ Add a photo of the item you have bought,

✍ Name your stuff,

✍ Add product Purchase Date,

✍ Add its Warranty Expiry details,

✍ A must add the price for that item,

✍ Any other additional details that you want to keep a note of!

And, you’re ready to use! :)

Amazing Features:

⭐ Easily keep a track of all your stuff with our application

⭐ Get to know your stuff age

⭐ Add the price you paid for it with your nation category

⭐ Add the Purchase Date

⭐ Add Warranty details

⭐ Additional details of the product inside

⭐ Add your favorite things

✅If you want to edit any details, click on the edit button and change what you want!

✅To delete any stuff click on the edit button, and in the top right corner, you will see the delete button. Tap to delete that item from your collection of stuff.

If someone gift you something you can add that in the app with all details and description about your feelings with it. And keep your gift memories always with you!

This app is easy to use even non-technical savvy can operate smoothly! Now you can do all responsibilities to manage stuff properly without fear of loss or duplicity.

This app is worked as a personal assistant, you do not have to appoint a secretary to keep managing your stuff in a proper manner this is done all for you in a way as you want.


Download My Stuff Organizer Now! and get all your organized stuff in a few seconds of taps!

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'My Stuff Organizer' is an easy-to-use application which can help you to organize your messy stuff! You just have to capture a picture of the thing that you have purchased and enter the details of it.