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Hammer Toes

Hammer Toes
Hammer Toes

A painfully bent toe limits your mobility, as well as which shoes you comfortably can wear. Narrow, ill-fitting shoes are common causes of hammer toes. Hammer toes may need just some physical therapy or a splint to straighten out, but an experienced podiatrist like Dr. Velimir Petkov knows when hammer toe surgery is justified. To avoid surgery, visit Premier Podiatry in Clifton, New Jersey as soon as you recognize the symptoms. Caught early, hammertoes are easier to treat. Call today for an evaluation.

Hammer toes are deformities of the feet that affect the second, third or fourth toe. The affected toe bends from the middle joint in such a way that it resembles a hammer. To resolve this kind of problem, a foot specialist like Dr. Velimir Petkov from Premier Podiatry in Passaic County, New Jersey first has to diagnose your hammer toe. Only then can he suggest the proper treatment for you.

Besides the appearance of the affected toe, a hammer toe often causes added foot pain. You may develop additional symptoms such as:

  • Toe pain
  • Corns or calluses
  • Swollen feet, especially near the toe joint
  • Redness
  • A burning sensation, which may be due to a diabetic foot problem
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Restrictive movement in the affected toe
  • Open sores

You’re most likely at risk of experiencing hammer toe pain if you:

  • Are a woman, as women are more prone to the condition than men
  • Are older, since your age has an impact on the condition
  • Have certain diseases, such as arthritis or gout
  • Have a second toe that’s longer than your big toe

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