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Does Any Other Activity Other Than Penetration Lead To Unplanned Pregnancy?
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Does Any Other Activity Other Than Penetration Lead To Unplanned Pregnancy?
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Physical relation involves foreplay, pleasure and many other sensual things and at times this leads to the question of pregnancy. Most of the unmarried teens do have a question does any other activity other than penetration lead to pregnancy?

The answer to this question is yes, there are certain activities that can lead to pregnancy. Hence, women need to consider all the safety measures which can help women to avoid pregnancy. Women most of the time land in a problem such as pregnancy and then buy Abortion Pill online and get pregnancy terminated. Instead, they are asked to make use of birth control pills or any contraceptive methods which can help women to get rid of the pregnancy.

The answer to this question sometimes is it depends how unlucky are you. Whenever a male partner is aroused it is normal that he may ejaculate and this happens near the vaginal area of the women and it is common that if this happens near the vaginal opening, then the sperm is likely to travel in the body and this can lead to pregnancy. Also, women need to know that sperm does stay active in the body for 3 days.

Below mentioned are the cases due to which women may get pregnant even if the penetration has not happened:

Using finger or sex toy which have active sperms

When a male partner does have physical relation, it is likely that he may use fingers to satisfy the female partner and it is possible that he may have ejaculated on his fingers even. Most of the time the possibility increases when the female uses her finger or even physical relation toy that has sperm on it. Such a situation leads to the insertion of the sperm in the body and may lead to pregnancy. Hence, women are asked to be careful while they are intimating with the partner.

Ejaculation in anal

Anal mucus can prove to be the medium for the sperm which is near the vulva. The process gets enhances and speeded up when the area is moist and damp. As mentioned, sperms stay active in the body for 3 days and when the place is damp and moist, it becomes easy for the sperm to survive and search for the eggs. Hence, without any barrier, the ejaculation in the anal part can prove to be a bad choice. Instead, pre-ejaculation near the vulva area can increase the chances of sperms traveling inside the female body and fertilize an egg.

Ejaculation on clothes

In a normal condition, the sperms do survive a few hours or even minutes, but if you are wet or you have sperm near vulva then there are chances that the sperm gets in your vagina. At times a couple may even practice dry sexual activity, but it often happens that the male partner may ejaculate and when you do have sperm on your clothes then it is likely that it may enter your body.

Even though women can simply buy Mifeprex and Cytotec pills online to get the pregnancy terminated, it is necessary that precautions are taken to avoid such conditions.

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